Sidinda Health Clinic Inc

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Shipping Container Delivery 

In November 2018, we shipped a 40ft container over to Sidinda, which was a key fundraising objective for 2018. Filled with donated items, the container is destined to provide for the Sidinda Primary School, Lumbora Secondary School (where local children attend secondary school) and the Sidinda Health Clinic. Some of the contents of the container include 

  • 116 school desks; 
  • 262 school chairs; 
  • 33 boxes of educational novels; 
  • 67 boxes medical consumables;
  • 400 DFG sanitary kits;
  • clothing; 
  • material; 
  • medical aid walkers; 
  • wheelchairs; 
  • crutches; and 
  • blood pressure measurement machines. 

We would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their contributions:

  • Alfredton Rotary; 
  • Rotary DIK Footscray; 
  • Peter McLennan, Ballarat Base Hospital; 
  • The Days for Girls Program, especially Robyn Suttie in the Ballarat Chapter; 
  • Wesley College @ Clunes;
  • David & Larraine Toose at HIGHLEAZE Seeds; and 
  • Alison Hull, Malcolm Hull, Liz Richardson, Bruce Richardson and Viv Desmarchelier for their packing efforts. 

Breaking the Cycle - Wesley College @ Clunes

The students from Term 4 currently at Wesley College @ Clunes are busy fundraising and training for their bike challenge to 'Break the Cycle' of poverty at Sidinda. This program has been an essential fundraiser for Sidinda Health Clinic Inc and is an important project of reciprocal educational value to both communities. 

The Advocate recently wrote an article about students from Term 3 and their experience participating in the Clunes Journey. To read more, click here

About Sidinda

Sidinda is a small tribunal community located in rural Zimbabwe. It is dependent on subsistence farming in a ravaged economy with 90% unemployment. The Sidinda Health Clinic was built and completed in December 2012 to accommodate a population of 5,000 community-members. Prior to the construction of the clinic, the community had to walk 25 Kilometers to receive medical support. Alongside the Clinic is the Sidinda Primary School which is responsible for 120 school-children under the supervision of 1 teacher and 2 volunteers. They are the only substantial buildings for the village.

We are the only financial support the Clinic receives currently, with the government failing to pay the Nurse's wage and medical supplies dwindling. Our fundraising efforts concentrate on the promotion of adequate healthcare facilities and we are also turning our attention towards the Sidinda Primary School. 

Mercy, pictured above, was the first baby to be born at the Clinic in 2014

September 2017 Visit 

What's Happening at the Clinic for 2018/2019

The Primary School is our next major focus as the one supplied teacher is inadequate for the 120 children that attend the school. 

The Zimbabwean Government are currently refusing to supply a second teacher for the Primary School so we aim to hire a local resident with ECD qualifications for USD $1200 per year. 

We would also like to further extend our Bursary Program to more students as the ability of families to afford secondary education is dwindling in the face of the poor economic situation in the country. The cost of the educating a child through Secondary School is approximately USD $130 per annum, which includes uniform, shoes, satchel and text books. 

At present, the Nurse is not being paid and is voluntarily providing his services to the Clinic. We aim to support him at the cost of USD $1200 per year. The Ministry of Health has further secured two more nurses and a nutritionist for the Clinic going forward. 

The Government is also rolling out electricity infrastructure in the Sidinda area. The cost of implementing electricity for the Health Clinic and Mother's Shelter is USD $4,400 plus ongoing costs of maintenance.