Sidinda Health Clinic Inc

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Wesley College @ Clunes - Break The Cycle 

Term 2, 2019 

The students currently placed at the Clunes campus of Wesley College, Melbourne, will be undertaking a fundraising challenge as part of their curriculum. The students will be bike riding as a team to fundraise and learn to empathise with children from Zimbabwe in the process. We are uploading the total fundraising amount for the Term 2 students on the left, and the students are already doing a great job spreading the word!

Shipping Container Delivery 

Hand-Over of Donated Goods

In November 2018, we shipped a 40ft container over to Sidinda, which was a key fundraising objective for 2018. This shipment is momentous for the region, covering two schools - Sidinda Primary School and Lumbora Secondary, the Sidinda Health Clinic and possibly two further clinics. The potential retail price of the contents of the container is approximately AUD $100,000.00 and will go such a long way in the community. The container was unpacked on 2 February 2019 with great success!

Some of the contents of the container include:- 

  • 116 school desks; 
  • 262 school chairs; 
  • 33 boxes of educational novels; 
  • 67 boxes medical consumables;
  • 400 DFG sanitary kits;
  • clothing; 
  • material; 
  • medical aid walkers; 
  • wheelchairs; 
  • crutches; and 
  • blood pressure measurement machines. 

We would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their contributions:

  • Alfredton Rotary; 
  • Rotary DIK Footscray; 
  • Peter McLennan, Ballarat Base Hospital; 
  • The Days for Girls Program, especially Robyn Suttie in the Ballarat Chapter; 
  • Wesley College @ Clunes;
  • David & Larraine Toose at HIGHLEAZE Seeds; and 
  • Alison Hull, Malcolm Hull, Liz Richardson, Bruce Richardson and Viv Desmarchelier for their packing efforts. 

Days for Girls Program 
The Days for Girls program generously donated 400 reusable sanitary kits for the women and children of Sidinda. Sanitary items are virtually inaccessible to remote women and children in Zimbabwe due to their cost. The DFG kits will ensure that women and children are not missing out on education and work. They are a sustainable sanitary option that provide each user with three years of sanitary care. To find out more information, please visit their website

Un-Packing at Sidinda 

2019 Fundraising Projects for Sidinda Primary and Lumbora Secondary Schools

Education Program

The Primary School is our next major focus as the one supplied teacher is inadequate for the 120 children that attend the school. We aim to fundraise to provide the following services/upgrades:- 

  • $20,000:     Maintenance and Painting of each Classrooms;
  • $10,000:     Textbook Sets for each class $600 per set for each class plus teachers sets; 
  • $2,500:       Wages for 2 extra ECL teacher at the Sidinda Primary School; 
  • $4,000:       Wages for 2 extra teachers at the Sidinda Primary School; 
  • $1,500:       Extension of Female Student Bursary Program; 
  • $10,000:     Teacher training of 2 Sidinda Community Members; and
  • $2,000:       Training of 2 extra ECL staff for Sidinda. 

In total, we are fundraising for $50,000 in order to educate over 300 children across the two schools. 

We would like to further extend our Bursary Program to more students as the ability of families to afford secondary education is dwindling in the face of the poor economic situation in the country. The cost of the educating a child through Secondary School is approximately USD $130 per annum, which includes uniform, shoes, satchel and text books. 

Pictured above are the desks and chairs donated by DIK Rotary and delivered to the Lumbora Secondary School and Sidinda Primary School. These students have not previously had functioning desks and the students look very happy and eager to learn!